12.5mm Diameter Bi-Convex Lens Uncoated

Product no.: AO-125-15-2BC-UC

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Bi-convex lenses have curvatures on both sides - when the curvatures on both sies are the same they can be referred to as Equi Bi-convex lenses. The range of bi-convex lenses available here are manufactured with N-BK7 glass for superior clarity in the visible range and above.

The 12.5mm diameter bi-convex lenses are available in a range of focal lengths from 15mm to 100mm - other focal lengths are available on request and can be custom designed and manufactured to meet the customers’ requirements.

Selection: 12.5mm Diameter Bi-Convex Lens Uncoated

Product no. Diameter Material EFL Status Price
AO-125-15-2BC-UC 12.5mm N-BK7* 15mm
£8.00 *
AO-125-25-2BC-UC 12.5mm N-BK7* 25mm
£8.00 *
AO-125-40-2BC-UC 12.5mm N-BK7* 40mm
£8.00 *
AO-125-50-2BC-UC 12.5mm N-BK7* 50mm
£8.00 *
AO-125-100-2BC-UC 12.5mm N-BK7* 100mm
£8.00 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery
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