Google Cardboard Lens - 35mm diameter

Google Cardboard Lens - 35mm diameter

Product no.: AO-44-35-VR-PMMA (Diameter: 35mm, Material: PMMA, EFL: 44mm)

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High quality lenses for Google Cardboard or OEM Virtual Reality Viewer applications. These high quality VR Lenses are colour corrected to minimise chromatic abberation which results in a visible colour shift at the edge of the image. The 35mm lens diameter is an ideal fit with Google cardboard and many other similar applications. The lenses have a focal length of 44mm with an optimum eye relief of 15-20mm. The 60 degree field of view is optimised for a screen size of 50 mm diagonal. Moulded in high quality PMMA, these are the ideal lenses for any Virtual Reality application which requires a single element, high quality, lightweight imaging lens.

NOTE: These lenses are sold as a pair and the price shown is for two lenses.

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Product no. Diameter Material EFL Status Price
AO-44-35-VR-PMMA 35mm PMMA 44mm
£3.00 *
AO-44-25-VR-PMMA 25mm PMMA 44mm
£3.00 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery

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